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Professor Fabiana Borges was born in Rio de Janeiro-Brazil and it was in Rio where she started to train at the age of 11 years old. Prof. Fabi was always on the competition scenario on her earlier belts, achieving many titles such as 6 times Brazilian National Champion, 7 times Estate Champion, 2 times World Champion, 2 times Pan Ams Champion and many more as a black belt.

Professor Borges moved to United States in 2008 and started her path on teaching kids and adults. She taught classes in Washington State, Gracie Barra Headquarter in California, Austin Texas and now in San Antonio. She is bringing the best of all, a strong team at Gracie Barra San Antonio.

Professor Fabiana is a testament of hard work, passion and dedication. She believes that everyone can benefit from Brazilian Jiu-jitsu training, and everyone is capable of practicing the gentle art. And there are many reasons for you to start training: weight loss, focus, self-defense, have fun.



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