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GBSA Schedule of Classes



Fundamentals & All Levels Classes: white belt.

Advanced Classes: White Belt 3 Stripes and Up.

Black Belt Classes: Blue Belt and up.

Tiny Champions: kids from 3-4 years old and all belts

Little Champions 1: Kids from 5-6 years old and all belts.

Little Champions 2 : Kids from 7-12 years old and all belts.

Teens Class: Kids from 12 -15 years old and all belts.



The Schedule is dynamic and is improved every season (Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring) to better fit our students needs.

Private classes can be scheduled during the morning and other times depending on the instructors availability. Students interested in private training can talk to our team members.

To get more information about each class, curriculums and the Gracie Barra Program Structure, click here.

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