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Events and news going on this week! Summer camp, belt test, Fathers Day and more…

With school ending soon, we are excited to invite you to reserve a spot and join us for our June summer camp We will offer Jiu-Jitsu Classes, Muay-Thai, games, snacks and a lot of fun! This will be an ongoing weekly event held Monday, June 13th to Friday, June 17th from 1-6pm every day. Ages 6 and up are welcome to attend and a family discount can be included. A registration fee, which covers muay thai equipment, will be $75 for already GB Members. For non-GB students, the registration fee will be $150 to cover the cost of muay thai equipment, a loaner for  jiu-jitsu uniform, and admission for all Little Champions Classes throughout the week. Full tuition/ week will be $200 for a guaranteed spot for full access to unlimited jiu jitsu and keeping busy during the summer! There are only a few spots left. Make sure to contact the school at or call 210-616-2243 for more information. Don’t miss this opportunity!

As well, there has been attention brought some of the parents must be fully responsible for supervising their children. No more drop offs are permitted, and kids’ must be constantly supervised to promote safety and a controlled environment.

We would like to invite you and all your family for our kids belt testing on Friday,June 3rd at 5pm. All kids that have a red stripe are eligible to test for their belts.The purpose of the test is to see to progressing of the kids and have a special day for all family, there isn’t failure, all the kids know the techniques and they are ready for their belt. Kids that are not getting their belts are welcome to watch and join us on this special day.Please, get a “study guide” with Alexa or Professor Fabiana.We do not charge for belt promotions, however there is a charge a $30 for the belt and certificate.

Keep an eye out for Fathers Day activities Gracie Barra will be holding. The Saturday before Father’s Day, June 18th, we invite all dads and family out to the shooting range to celebrate our time together while having fun! More info will be released leading up to this event.

Finally, we have received new Gracie Barra San Antonio T shirts and belt colored wristbands! There is an abundance of colors and sizes you are welcome to check out. Each shirt will be $25 and wristbands will be $5. Talk to Alexa at the front for purchasing any merchandise.

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