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Women in Charge at Gracie Barra San Antonio!

Women in Charge


Women in Charge Flyer

Gracie Barra San Antonio offered a 4 wednesdays class course for all women in our community.


Women in Charge Class

The Self Defense curriculum begins witha discussion of the concerns that each participant has in regards to safety. The program clearly covers what the most common attacks against women are typically executed, and how affectively react to each situation. We stress appropriate responses to physical attacks, and how to avoid conflicts and harmful physical confrontations.

The Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu techniques that we teach provide a foundation for effective self-defense and good conditioning. These are keys to self- esteem and self-confidence. We hope to help women to develop the mental and physical tools they need to stay in top shape, along with teaching effective ways to evade, neutralize and overcome an attacker if necessary.

Thank you all the ladies that came and put a great work on the mats.

Keep posted for more information about our events and seminars.







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